Surf Conditions in Sri Lanka

When it comes to surfing in Sri Lanka, from October to April the South West Coast has perfect conditions and from April to October you should better go to the East Coast of the island. Helpful to know is that, when waves and weather are the best on the West Coast, it is rainy season in the East, when East Coast has the best conditions, it is the rainy season for the South West of the country.

Where to surf in the south-west coast?

There are a lot more surf sports in the South West than on the East Coast of Sri Lanka. You will find many advanced level surf spots as well as surf spots that are great for beginners. The most famous beginner surf spot is Weligama’s (translated: The sandy village) two-kilometer-long beach break. Weligama has perhaps the best beginner wave you can find in Sri Lanka. Due to the length of the sandy bay, it can accommodate many surfers and does not get crowded easily. In Weligama Main Point you can find some great head-high glassy waves, too.

Surfing in Sri Lanka

Surfing at Weligama Beach – A beginners paradise

The best sandy beach for surfers is in Weligama. Weligama Beach is perfectly suitable for beginners to advanced surfers. Due to the length of the beach, it can hold up many surfers and does not get too crowded easily.

The best season to surf at Weligama Beach is from the end of September until the end of May.
Even in the off-season, you would be able to surf on an island spot. The island just in front of Weligama is called “Taprobane”, here you can expect some beginners and even some quite advanced waves.

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Beginner Friendly Reef Breaks

After feeling safe on the board you might bring you surfing to the next level, looking for a new challenge. The beginner-friendly reef break around Weligama is definitely the fit for you. There are a couple of great beginner reef breaks you can try. Midigama, Plantation, Mirissa Left, South Point Koggala and a few secret spots.

Intermediate and Advanced Surf Spots

If you are a more advanced surfer you can go to Mirissa Right (5 min Tuk-Tuk ride from Weligama) where you will find many sea urchins, but great waves. Mirissa is a spot where many locals surf and thus you need to make sure to give local surfers priority on the waves. So better don’t paddle every wave to prevent trouble in the water.

Midigama area also has many great surf spots such as Coconut Spot, Planstation, Rams, Lazy Left, Lazy Right and if you ride 10 minutes further by Tuk-Tuk or scooter you will find another advance surf spot which is called Kabalana.

If you want to surf inside a barrel, then Rams in Midigama is the best choice. Here you should be careful. Rams is a great and powerful surf spot but has a shallow reef under the water. If you are here for the first time, it might be a good idea to talk to some more experienced surfers or locals. But as you see you can come surfing in Sri Lanka with all different skill levels.

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Secret Spots in Weligama

Between Weligama and Midigama there are few more secret spots that are great to surf, but we won’t be able to share them here. Otherwise, they won’t be secret anymore. Many locals know a few spots that you won’t see at first glance. Perhaps ask your Tuk-Tuk driver or just explore the coast with your scooter 🙂

What is the best time to surf in Weligama?

If you are a beginner and still practicing to catch a wave in the white water, the timing is not that important, if you do not worry about the sun 🙂 While surfing in Sri Lanka it starts to get really hot after 10 am in the water, so that surfing is possible but soon really exhausting for you.

If you are an advanced surfer the best time to paddle out is early morning around 6 – 9 am and after 5 pm until the sunsets.

Generally speaking, the best time to surf in the Southwest of Sri Lanka is the end of September until the end of May

How about high tide and low tide in Weligama?

In most of the Sri Lankan surf spots, there is no big difference regarding the depth of the water between the tides as it is for example in Bali, Indonesia. Here in Weligama the best time to catch a head high, green wave is high tide. Some of the spots work really well during low tide as well but the majority of the spots are good during high tide.

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Where to stay on the South coast Sri Lanka?

If you are looking for a place to meet new people with a real surf vibe “The Surfer” in Weligama* might be a good option. The surf camp in Weligama is located next to the beginner beach-break and in the middle of nine to ten other advanced surf spots that can be reached within a few minutes! On top of great surf experience, the hostel offers daily activities – if you prefer it a tiny bit calmer, there are also a handful of other options* in the region.

Good surf locations are Weligama (a long sandy beginner beach with multiple options close by), Hikkaduwa, and Hiriketiya. 

Where to surf on the east coast of Sri Lanka?

Arugam Bay is a great place for surfing between April and September. In Arugam Bay area you will find many point breaks. Whiskey Point, Elephant Rock, and Peanut Farm are the most famous surf spots for beginners while advanced or professional surfers tend to surf the main point of Arugam Bay. During its season the East Coast can get very crowded as good surfers from all over the world come here, so it can get quite challenging to find a wave nobody’s trying to ride.

If you are an advanced surfer and you are looking for some thrilling waves Okanda is the place to be!

Surfing with locals in Sri Lanka

You will find local surfers in most of the advanced surf spots mentioned above! They are friendly but you will have to give priority to them as they are locals. In Sri Lanka, it is the same rule as in almost everywhere in the world “locals ride first”. If you give locals their priority you will not get in any trouble in the water and you will be able to enjoy your surf trip in Sri Lanka to the fullest! Have fun and hang loose! 🙂

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