Surf Preparation eBook

Full-body workout for your next trip

The 6 week guide for your ideal surf training

After being landlocked, you paddle out for the first time again. Besides the amazing feeling being back in the water, you feel sore shoulders, a lack of power and you feel kind of rusty? This surf eBook will prevent you from exactly that and ideally prepare your body for your next trip.

Surf workout with a wide range of exercises
Dedicated chapter to improve your balance
Breathing techniques shared by a lifelong surfer
Developed together with a sports scientist
Tips on on how to get more flexible

50 Cents of each purchase go to – get fit and protect mother nature by offsetting our travels ♡

Our Surf Preparation eBook

Our surf training eBook contains 50 pages with a wide range of exercises to improve your endurance, core stability, and explosive power. This workout aims towards keeping you longer in the water as well as an improved stability on the surfboard. As balance certainly is one of the most crucial factors for surfing we dedicated an entire chapter to it.

What you will get:

  • 50 pages packed with tips for an ideal surf trip preparation
  • Instant download of the eBook after purchase
  • Ready to read on your phone, computer or tablet
  • A workout developed together with a sport scientist
  • Increased excitement on your next trip
  • Free updates of the eBook
  • Money back guarantee
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Get fit for surfing!

With this surf preparation eBook, you will receive a 6-week guide to be ideally prepared for your next surf trip. The surf workout contains exercises that tackle all important factors you need for surfing. The goal of this eBook to keep you longer in the water and improve your surfing on your next trip.

Surf Preparation Handbook

How to read the eBook on iOs?
  1. Download the ‘Apple Books’ app in the AppStore
  2. Click the download link in the confirmation email and open in your Safari browser
  3. Click the download button and give it second to load. Your surf training ebook opens in a new tab
  4. Click the icon in the bottom bar and click ‘Copy to Apple Books’
  5. Ready to read
How to read the eBook on Android?
  1. Download the ‘Google Drive’ app if you don’t have it yet from the PlayStore
  2. Open the download link in the confirmation email 
  3. Click the download button and give it a second to load
  4. Open the book in Google Drive
  5. Ready to read
What are the payment methods?

The payment will be done via PayPal but you don’t necessarily need an account – without an account, you will also be able to get a copy. So nothing blocks you getting a dose of surf information. In case you do not have a PayPal account, just reach out to us. When purchased via PayPal, please pay attention to use an email that is still active and also check the Spam folder in case you do not see it at the first glance. Let’s get ready to ‘washed’, together!

Is the eBook also available as a book?

We are currently working on a hardcopy of the ebook, but that will take a while. Contact us for more info on that. 

If you can’t find your question, don’t hesitate to send your question to us!