Both of us are no real city lovers. For us, cities are often loud and too hectic. But Rome and Florence are different. Perhaps you are one of the lucky people, being privileged to visit the two Italian cities, travel in time and explore the heart of history and art. This article will help you to get from Rome to Florence cheap and easy.

Let’s go right in! Trains are the way to go to Italy. Cheap, easy and super reliable. That also applies to the way from Rome to Florence.

Rome to Florence – by train

An easy 1:30h ride for 20€! When you research the options, you’ll see that most trains leave Rome Termini, which is the bustling central station and arrive at Florence Santa Maria Novella (or SMN for short).

This is the way to go and pretty straight forward. As the train departs and arrives in both central stations, it’s easy to reach and get away from them. From here you can either hop on public transport or take a cab. Most of the time we decided in favor of public transport as it’s a lot cheaper and pretty easy to figure out in Italy.

Screenshot Omio

In Italy, we used Omio for booking most of our tickets. The website, as well as their app, are incredibly easy and fast to use. You see all options at a glance and bookings can be made right on the platform. Easy peasy!

Rome to Florence – by car

This route has tolls. That’s what Google says if you ask the search engine. Without tolls, it’s a pretty long 5-hour ride. With tolls it’s 2 hours quicker but still quite a drive.

If you are traveling by car, then start the trip quite early and leave Rome before work traffic. Around 8 am Rome traffic is mad!

If you have the option: try not to go by car but rather by train. If you want to explore the region around Florence, there are a lot of car rentals in Florence.

Rome to Florence – by plane

It’s possible but please think of our beautiful planet and save the CO2 emitted on this short flight. Trains are not only much better but also cheaper and more comfortable. Beyond that, you’ll be able to witness some beautiful villages along the way and get a real feel from Italy.

That’s pretty much it. As you see, getting from A to B in Italy is quite straight forward! Once you took the train once, you’ll see why we liked it so much. It might also have been the case as the train system is pretty much the opposite of the one we have in Germany – cheap, fast and reliable. Thänks for traveling wiz Deutsche Bahn (you’ll get the joke once you’ve been in a Germany train)!

Cheers, fellow traveler! Happy travels!

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