Week for week a lot happens behind the scenes at wavesnbackpack but even with Instagram Stories and other updates a lot isn’t seen by everybody. So why not becoming a bit more personal. Especially during our trip it might be interesting what we are up to, what we experienced and which learnings we’ve made. Everything just a tiny bit more intimate – for this we now initiate our weekly blog post series weekly recap. Here you can dive deeper into our travels every Sunday. Just very brief. Where are we? What flashed us totally and what’s the plan for the upcoming days.


Yangon, Hpa-An & Bagan  (Myanmar)



Favorite Moment

Ani: Difficult to decide between the two incredible sunrises we’ve seen! But the sunrise in Bagan with hot air balloons rising in mid of the temples and the slowly disappearing fog give the sunrise something truly magical.

Julian: After we reached the highest point of Mount Zwegabin we enjoyed the incredible and most of all rewarding view before slowly started the decent with shaky legs. After the first minutes the valley appeared in front of us and we were able to witness a jaw-dropping view. The best here, we didn’t expect it at all as on our ascent the only thing we saw was the the light beam of our flashlight.

Mount Zwegabin Hpa-An

Favorite Location

This point goes to Hpa-An. After getting used to the little village on the first day, we started to like it very soon. On the third day we felt a tiny bit like home already and loved it. The last day in Hpa-An we started with a 25 minute scooter ride to the bottom of the mount Zwegabin and caught the first sunbeams on its highest point.

Favorite Accommodation

Myanmar Han, Bagan

The hotel offers by far the best breakfast we have had on out trip so far. Over are the times of noodles for breakfast and hello to eggs, pancakes, fruit and cereals. And all that, including a great pool and lovely hotel staff for $25 per night. For two people. We would call that a good bang for the buck!

The hotel is not in the city center but a 20 minute scooter ride outside of the small city of Bagan. Not really a disadvantage as the hotel offers a cheap e-scooter rental and is really peaceful.

Favorite Food

The Moon, Bagan

So delicious! In case you are in Bagan, a must go! The guys of the vegetarian restaurant couldn’t be any nicer and served us one of the best pineapple curries we’ve ever had.  Strongly recommended 🙂



Very easy! The pictures look incredible and in real the views are even better but waking up at 4 am is a torture. Still dreaming, the alarm goes off and you think you have the worst life on earth. At least for a few minutes 🙂



No song again but when we have been at the pool for an afternoon break the Best of album from the Beatles was played. That was really refreshing.




Inhale sunrises

Let go

If something doesn’t work as planned, just accept it. In our case it was a horrible bus ride.


Perhaps a tiny bit more sleep!


Come back to Myanmar in the next years. It’s a country that definitely surpassed our expectations with lovely people and incredible landscapes. 12 days are too short, so we need to come back.



Sometimes the little things in life matter. When we came back from the sunrise tour at round about 9 am we went to our roof top. Here breakfast is served. When we saw the eggs, the pancakes and all the other delicious stuff our mouths got watery. Interesting to see how much you can look forward to a good breakfast when you didn’t have what you might get more often at home



In the upcoming week we really want to finish the Philippines article. With all the new photos and videos, the Prime Surfing guest post and the sunrise sessions, we didn’t put enough time into it.

Beyond that we should bring a structure in our pictures and videos. Otherwise this could get a bit unorganized 🙂


Thanks for having us and see you next week, when we share our weekly recap #3 with you!

So far, have a fabulous week!

Ani & Julian