Week for week a lot happens behind the scenes at wavesnbackpack but even with Instagram Stories and other updates a lot isn’t seen by everybody. So why not becoming a bit more personal. Especially during our trip it might be interesting what we are up to, what we experienced and which learnings we’ve made. Everything just a tiny bit more intimate – for this we now initiate our weekly blog post series weekly recap. Here you can dive deeper into our travels every Sunday. Just very brief. Where are we? What flashed us totally and what’s the plan for the upcoming days.



Yogyakarta (Java) & Medewi (Bali)



Favorite Moment

The last week was great and the locations so different, which makes it hard to pick a favorite moment. But we have to 🙂 After Julian’s evening surf session at Medewi Beach we drove home with our scooter. After 5 minutes through chaotic balinese traffic we pulled in the tiny road that leads to our hotel. Driving downhill, facing the majestic ocean. On our left and right rice fields and the sun about to set. And there we were. In mid of the most ‘golden hour’ we have ever seen.

Golden Hour Medewi

Favorite Location

Our days in Medewi were split in two sections. The first was breakfast and an early surf and then lunch, chill and an afternoon surf. The first surf Julian paddled out at a beach break, a short scooter drive from our hotel. Here we always had a coffee and a water in a little Warung (small restaurant) on the beach. Here we found shade, sun, fresh fruit and goats as well as cows running around. That’s our style!


Favorite Accommodation

 Sea Medewi  

Again difficult, as we have been lucky with all accommodation we had. The ‘Happy Buddha’ in Yogya was a lovely hostel, the hotel we stayed close to Borobodur was fabolos but our favorite one most likely was the ‘Sea Medewi’. A hotel resort directly at the beach with great facilities for $30 per night (so $15 pp) and extremely cheap scooter rental. But we had to crown it as we saw the ocean while lying on the bed.

Favorite Food

Nasi Goreng, Nal’s Kitchen

We are fanboy’s of ‘Nal’s Kitchen’ for sure. If you follow our Instagram story you saw a couple of food pictures – most likely taken in this amazing place. The Nasi Goreng was extremly delicious. For Julian with Omelette and for Ani with, drumroll, fresh lobster. Not an ordinary Nasi Goreng but the best we’ve had!

Nal's Kitchen


Nothing to complain about but we have the luxurious problem to stay longer than 30 days in Indonesia. That’s why we need to extend our visa tomorrow in Denpasar Immigration Office. Therefore we read a lot and looked for better options. Basically there is no better one, so tomorrow morning 7 am it’s imigrasi time!



The sound of the ocean!



Continue to collect trash on the beach.

Let go

Getting stressed by the loud main street in Canggu.


More ice cream, it’s roasting here!


We might have to skip Sumbawa. Sad emoji! When you look at the map it’s not too far away from Bali but getting where we want to go is a hell of a trip. From Bali we would need to fly (or take a boat) to Lombok, from there to the north of Sumbawa by plane. As there are just a handful of roads we would need to drive (are there taxis?) for another 4 hours. And return. But remember, the point is called ‘consider’ not ‘decided’ 🙂



Researching for visa extension options we have been annoyed by the fact that we have to deal with that. Then, we realized that we should be grateful to have the option to stay longer than 30 days in Indonesia. Of course, you can spend a day better than in the Immigration Office but also worst!



Keep you guys posted on Instagram, as we get increasingly much great feedback here (Thanks so much for everything, guys!). Secondly, we want to publish our first 1-2 Myanmar articles in this week > Exciting! And: Submitting a guest article to AirAsia’s in flight magazine. Fingers crossed.


Thanks for having us and see you next week, when we share our weekly recap #5 with you!

So far, have a fabulous week!

Ani & Julian